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What is 集成 Facilities 管理?

There’s a big difference between integrated facilities management (IFM) and aggregated facilities management. True integrated facilities management is self-performed for maximum cost control, visibility and quality assurance.


One Partner to Meet All Your 设施’s Needs


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设施 管理


集成 Facilities 管理

Facilities 管理


设施 管理

Facilities management has become infinitely more intricate - driven by advances in IoT and data collection to drive asset and systems maintenance decisions.

集成 Facilities 管理

There are endless configurations of the ideal 集成 Facilities 管理 (IFM) program. 旗舰店的 customizable IFM services will be tailored to your unique requirements and asset types.


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Self-Performed 服务s

旗舰店, you will only have to make one call for all your 集成 Facilities 管理 (IFM) needs.

We are a single source provider, and we are able to pass through cost savings by routinely self-performing more than 80% of our facilities management services.

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Safe, 成本 Effective, Compliant and Reliable Operations

旗舰店的 experienced teams work in some of the most demanding environments across the US and Canada, such as 生物技术, clean rooms, GMP facilities and pharmaceutical companies.

We improve reliability and drive process improvement by delivering 实时, intelligent and actionable data, simplified reporting and KPI tracking that ensures facilities meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


From 家居 服务s to Staff Augmentation – 旗舰 Has You Covered

Have all your facilities operations and services handled under one company that is dedicated to making sure you receive the best experience possible. 与 旗舰店, you can expect a culturally diverse IFM team that handles all your facility services.


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Learn about some of the 集成 Facilities 管理 服务s 旗舰 提供了.

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Client Testimonials

“ I stay with 旗舰 because of their integrity and high level of commitment. ”

Director of Facilities, 多ple Airlines, Western Airport

Client Stories

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旗舰店的 PUREClean™ puts your employees’ health and wellbeing first and helps you get back to the business of business.


The New Era of Facilities 管理

旗舰店的 team of trained and vetted general contractors, skilled building engineers and facility technicians are at your disposal. 与 over three decades of experience in integrated facilities management, we can handle any challenge. We customize solutions to meet every customer’s unique needs and we’re available 24/7.

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